Wind Turbine Rotor Blades - Global Market Size, Average Price, Competitive Landscape and Key Country Analysis to 2022

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  • Mar 2018
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“Wind Turbine Rotor Blades - Global Market Size, Market Segmentation, Competitive Landscape and Key Country Analysis to 2020” is the latest report from industry analysis specialist GlobalData, offering comprehensive information and analysis of the global wind rotor blade market. The report provides clear understanding and deep insights into the global wind rotor blade market. It explains the key drivers and challenges impacting the market, and also provides data regarding historic and forecast growth of the wind rotor blade market, average prices, market segmentation, and competitive landscape, globally and also in key wind power countries - Germany, Spain, the UK, the US, Canada, China and India. The report also discusses the repairs and maintenance requirements of rotor blades and provides data regarding typical repair expenses and market size of blade repairs.

The report details the historic and forecast statistics for annual wind rotor blade installations and average rotor blade prices from 2006 to 2020, globally and for each of the key countries.

The report provides technology and cost analyses for wind rotor blades and explains the different materials used in the molding of a rotor blade.

The report also covers the key growth drivers and challenges related to wind tower market globally. The report lists the key countries for the wind rotor blade market and their shares of wind rotor blade installations.

The report features market shares of the leading blade manufacturers, explains the competitive landscape of wind rotor blade market and discusses the segmentation of the rotor blade market based on the type of installation.

The report discusses the changing trend of rotor diameters with technological advancements, leading to the usage of and a demand for larger wind rotor blades.

The report also discusses the rotor blades operations and maintenance market with charts representing the number of blades that are repaired each year, the average cost of a repair and the revenues generated from the rotor blade repairs each year globally, and in each of the key countries.

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1Table of Contents

1Table of Contents2

1.1List of Tables7

1.2List of Figures9

2Executive Summary11

2.1Global Wind Power Market will Show Steady Growth up to 202011

2.2China, the US and India were the Top Three Wind Rotor Blade Markets in 201211

2.3China – The Largest Consumer of Wind Rotor Blades in 201213


3.1Wind Power Technology16

3.2Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Technology16

3.3Wind Rotor Blade Manufacturing Process17

3.3.1Prepreg Process17

3.3.2SPRINT Process17

3.3.3Hand Lay-up Process18

3.3.4VARTM Process18

3.3.5SCRIMP (Seeman Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process) Process18

3.4GlobalData Report Guidance19

3.5GlobalData Report Guidance20

4Wind Rotor Blade Market, Global21

4.1Wind Rotor Blade Market, Global, Overview21

4.2Wind Rotor Blade Market, Global, Units Installed, 2006–202022

4.3Wind Rotor Blades Market, Global, Cost Analysis, 201124

4.4Wind Rotor Blade Market, Global, Market Segmentation26

4.4.1Wind Rotor Blade Market, Global, Share of Onshore and Offshore Installations26

4.5Wind Rotor Blade Market, Global, Split by Key Countries, 201127

4.6Wind Rotor Blade Market, Global, Average Price, 2006–202029

4.7Wind Rotor Blades Market, Global, Market Size, 2006–202031

4.8Wind Rotor Blade Market, Global, Blade Repairs, 201133

4.9Wind Rotor Blade Market, Global, Competitive Landscape, 201137

4.9.1Wind Rotor Blade Market, Global, Market Share, 201137

4.9.2Wind Rotor Blade Market, Global, Comparison of Independent Manufacturers39

4.9.3Wind Rotor Blade Market, Global, Independent Manufacturers’ Locations41

4.10Wind Rotor Blade Market, Global, Market Drivers42

4.10.1Feed-in Tariffs and Renewable Portfolio Standards are the Main Drivers for Wind Power Development in North America and Europe42

4.10.2Various Support Policies have Enabled Strong Wind Power Development42

4.10.3Increasing Need for Energy and Environmental Security is Promoting Investment in Wind Energy43

4.11Wind Rotor Blade Market, Global, Market Restraints44

4.11.1Lack of Sufficient Grid Infrastructure could hamper Global Wind Power Growth44

4.11.2Supply Chain Bottlenecks and Oversupply Conditions due to Unstable Supply-Demand Situations44

4.11.3Human Resource Crunch in the Industry is expected to Intensify with Market Expansion44

4.11.4High Cost of Carbon Fiber to Thwart Growth of Light-weight Rotor Blades45

5Wind Rotor Blade Market, US46

5.1Wind Rotor Blade Market, US, Overview46

5.2Wind Rotor Blade Market, the US, Units Installed, 2006–202046

5.3Wind Rotor Blade Market, the US, Market Segmentation48

5.4Wind Rotor Blade Market, the US, Average Price, 2006–202050

5.5Wind Rotor Blade Market, US, Market Size, 2006–202052

5.6Wind Rotor Blades Market, US, Blade Repairs, 2006–202054

6Wind Rotor Blade Market, Canada59

6.1Wind Rotor Blade Market, Canada, Overview59

6.2Wind Rotor Blade Market, Canada, Units Installed, 2006–202060

6.3Wind Rotor Blade Market, Canada, Market Segmentation62

6.4Wind Rotor Blade Market, Canada, Average Price, 2006–202062

6.5Wind Rotor Blade Market, Canada, Market Size, 2006–202064

6.6Wind Rotor Blade Market, Canada, Blade Repairs66

7Wind Rotor Blade Market, Germany71

7.1Wind Rotor Blade Market, Germany, Overview71

7.2Wind Rotor Blade Market, Germany, Units Installed, 2006–202072

7.3Wind Rotor Blade Market, Germany, Market Segmentation74

7.4Wind Rotor Blade Market, Germany, Average Price, 2006–202076

7.5Wind Rotor Blade Market, Germany, Market Size, 2006–202078

7.6Wind Rotor Blade Market, Germany, Blade Repairs80

8Wind Rotor Blade Market, Spain85

8.1Wind Rotor Blade Market, Spain, Overview85

8.2Wind Rotor Blade Market, Spain, Units Installed, 2006–202085

8.3Wind Rotor Blade Market, Spain, Market Segmentation87

8.4Wind Rotor Blade Market, Spain, Average Price, 2006–202089

8.5Wind Rotor Blade Market, Spain, Market Size, 2006–202091

8.6Wind Rotor Blade Market, Spain, Blade Repairs93

9Wind Rotor Blade Market, UK99

9.1Wind Rotor Blade Market, UK, Overview99

9.2Wind Rotor Blade Market, UK, Units Installed, 2006–202099

9.3Wind Rotor Blade Market, UK, Market Segmentation101

9.4Wind Rotor Blade Market, UK, Average Price, 2006–2020103

9.5Wind Rotor Blade Market, UK, Market Size, 2006–2020105

9.6Wind Rotor Blade Market, UK, Blade Repairs107

10Wind Rotor Blade Market, China113

10.1Wind Rotor Blade Market, China, Overview113

10.2Wind Rotor Blade Market, China, Units Installed, 2006–2020114

10.3Wind Rotor Blade Market, China, Market Segmentation116

10.4Wind Rotor Blade Market, China, Average Price, 2006–2020118

10.5Wind Rotor Blade Market, China, Market Size, 2006–2020120

10.6Wind Rotor Blade Market, China, Blade Repairs122

11Wind Rotor Blade Market, India128

11.1Wind Rotor Blade Market, India, Overview128

11.2Wind Rotor Blade Market, India, Units Installed, 2006–2020129

11.3Wind Rotor Blade Market, India, Market Segmentation130

11.4Wind Rotor Blade Market, India, Average Price, 2006–2020130

11.5Wind Rotor Blade Market, India, Market Size, 2006–2020132

11.6Wind Rotor Blade Market, India, Blade Repairs134




12.3Research Methodology142

12.3.1Secondary Research142

12.3.2Primary Research142

12.3.3Market Estimates and Assumptions142

12.4Contact Us143


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