Internet of Things (IoT) Device Management: IoT Device Administration, Monitoring, and Diagnostics Market Outlook and Forecasts 2017 - 2022

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  • Sep 2017
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Internet of Things (IoT) Device Management: IoT Device Administration, Monitoring, and Diagnostics Market Outlook and Forecasts 2017 - 2022

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a complex system of networks, platforms, interfaces, protocols, devices, and data. IoT devices range from sensors, actuators, gateways, and embedded hardware/software within products and assets.

The number and type of IoT devices, as well as the associated use cases for apps and services, grows exponentially within leading industry verticals. One of the critical success factors for IoT operation will be certain Operational Support Systems (OSS) for IoT such as IoT Device Management.

The need for IoT device management software is a rapidly building area of concern and opportunity

IoT Device Management encompasses device provisioning, administration, monitoring, and diagnostics important for trouble replication and corrective measures. Important IoT Device Management functions include Enrollment/Provisioning, Configuration/Association, Software Updates, and overall Management and Control. As IoT systems and networks grow in complexity and importance, there will be an increasingly urgent need within enterprise for IoT device management platforms and software.

This research examines IoT Device Management requirements and functionality as well as leading companies and solutions. The report evaluates market opportunities and challenges for IoT Device Management solutions across various industry verticals. The report includes forecasting for global and regional markets as well as potential across deployment types and sectors including automotive, manufacturing, smart cities, and more.

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Select Report Findings:

IoT Device Management to be one of fasted growing areas for solution providers
Substantial market opportunity for PaaS and SaaS based IoT Device Management
Asia PAC IoT Device Management Systems in Smart Cities will reach $247M by 2022
North America to lead IoT Device Management platform market, reaching $958M by 2022
PaaS and SaaS based IoT Device Management solutions to be lead market, reaching $3.1B by 2022

Report Benefits:

IoT Device Management forecasts 2017 – 2022
Learn about key device management functionality
Understand the benefits of each major deployment model
Identity leading industry verticals deploying device management
Identify important device management companies and solutions
Recognize the challenges and opportunities in managing IoT devices
Understand the role and importance of device management in IoT systems

Target Audience:

Network operators
IoT solution providers
Cloud-based service providers
Device management providers
Network infrastructure providers
OSS/BSS and optimization companies

Companies in Report:

Allegro Software Development Corporation
Amplía Soluciones S.L.
ARM Ltd.
Bosch Software Innovations GmbH
ETI Software Solutions
Proximetry Inc. (Relayr)
SiteWhere LLC.
SmithMicro Software
Tibbo Systems
Wind River
Xively (LogMeIn)
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Research Scope
1.3 Target Audience
1.4 Companies in Report
2.0 Executive Summary
2.1 Overall IoT Device Management Market Potential
2.2 IoT Device Management Market by Deployment Type
2.3 IoT Device Management Market by Sector
3.0 Overview
3.1 Introduction to IoT Device Management Systems
3.2 Key Requirements for IoT Device Management Systems
3.2.1 Device Management Agent
3.2.2 Device Management in a Service/Cloud Environment
3.3 Fundamentals of Device Management Systems
3.3.1 Enrollment and Provisioning
3.3.2 Configuration and Association
3.3.3 Monitoring and Diagnostics
3.3.4 Management and Control
3.3.5 Software Updates
3.4 Commercialization of IoT Device Management Systems
3.5 IoT Device Management System Demand by Industry
3.5.1 Smart City
3.5.2 Fleet Management and Transportation
3.5.3 Automotive
3.5.4 Manufacturing
3.5.5 Utilities
3.5.6 Oil & Gas Industry
3.6 IoT Device Management Challenges
3.6.1 Anticipating Cause and Effect
3.6.2 Handling Device Management Needs by Specific Industry / Function
4.0 Market Analysis and Forecasts 2017 – 2022
4.1 Global Markets for IoT Device Management Systems
4.2 Market for IoT Device Management System Deployment Type
4.2.1 IoT Device Management Embedded in Device 2017 – 2022
4.2.2 IoT Device Management Integrated in IoT Platform 2017 – 2022
4.2.3 IoT Device Management as Paas /SaaS 2017 – 2022
4.2.4 IoT Device Management as Standalone Software 2017 – 2022
4.3 Market for IoT Device Management System by Industry
4.3.1 IoT Device Management System Deployment in Smart Cities 2017 - 2022
4.3.2 IoT Device Management System in Manufacturing Sector 2017 - 2022
4.3.3 IoT Device Management System in Automotive Sector 2017 - 2022
4.3.4 IoT Device Management System in Fleet Management 2017 - 2022
4.3.5 IoT Device Management System in Utility Sector 2017 - 2022
4.3.6 IoT Device Management System in Oil & Gas Sector 2017 - 2022
4.4 Markets for IoT Device Management System by Region
4.4.1 North American Market Sectors for IoT Device Management Systems 2017 – 2022
4.4.2 European IoT Device Management Systems by Sector 2017 – 2022
4.4.3 APAC IoT Device Management Systems by Sector 2017 – 2022
4.4.4 RoW Markets for IoT Device management Systems 2017 – 2022
5.0 IoT Device Management Service Delivery Analysis
5.1 Key Functionality of Device Management Solutions
5.2 IoT Device Management Solutions Offering Types
5.2.1 IoT Device Management as a Service
5.2.2 As Software Embedded in IoT Platform / Device
5.2.3 Stand-alone Software Platform
5.3 IoT Device Management Industry SWOT Analysis
6.0 IoT Device Management Company and Solution Analysis
6.1 Advantech
6.2 Aeris
6.3 Allegro Software Development Corporation
6.4 Amplía Soluciones S.L.
6.5 ARM Ltd.
6.6 Bosch Software Innovations GmbH
6.7 Devicepilot
6.8 ETI Software Solutions
6.9 IBM
6.10 Microsoft
6.11 PTC
6.12 Particle
6.13 Proximetry Inc. (Relayr)
6.14 SiteWhere LLC.
6.15 SmithMicro Software
6.16 Telit
6.17 Tibbo Systems
6.18 Wind River
6.19 WSO2
6.20 Xively (LogMeIn)
6.21 Zentri

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