Big Data in Healthcare Market 2017

  • KMI-168255
  • Aug 2017
  • 114 pages
  • Telecom and IT
Big Data in Healthcare looks at selected current and future applications of Big Data within the healthcare industry, including usage in IT in in vitro diagnostics, personalized medicine, pharmaceutical industry, electronic medical records (EMR), mobile health (mHealth), and the health insurance industry.

Big Data in Healthcare also presents information on the following Big Data developments: selected IVD industry IT/Big Data investments, selected IT innovations in molecular diagnostics, selected genomic tests for inherited diseases, selected digital imaging innovations, selected collaborations between pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, selected insurance industry big data initiatives, and selected big data alliances and organizations.

Quest Diagnostics, Inc., Roche Diagnostics, Bina Technologies, Inc. (part of Roche Sequencing), Cerner Corporation, Google Genomics (Alphabet), and IBM Healthcare are among the Big Data players profiled in the report.

Clinical data, as from medical diagnosis, medical images, patient histories, labs

Omics data, as from genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, epigenomics

Claims data, from health systems and providers, via the processing of public and private claims

User-generated data, as from fitness apps and data from smartphones
o Information Technology in In Vitro Diagnostics
 IBM Watson
 Molecular Diagnostics
o Personalized Medicine
o Pharma
o Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
o Contribution of Health Insurance Companies
o Methodology
• The Healthcare Market's Response to Big Data Issues
o Overview
o In Vitro Diagnostics
 Digital Technology, IT
 Table Selected IVD Industry IT/Big Data Investments
 Molecular Diagnostics
 Table Selected IT Innovations in Molecular Diagnostics
 Table Selected Genomic Tests for Inherited Diseases
 Heart Disease
 Microbiology and Virology
 Histology and Cytology
 Selected Digital Imaging Innovations
 Table Selected Digital Imaging Innovations
 Mass Spectrometry
 Clinical Chemistry
o Precision or Personalized Medicine
o Pharma
 Pfizer, Novartis, and Thermo Fisher Collaborate
 AbbVie, Amgen, and BMS
 AbbVie's Global Research Collaborations
 Eli Lilly
 Project Data Sphere
 Genentech
 Pfizer and Noux
 Merck Works to Optimize Vaccine Yields
 Collaborations between Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Companies
 Table Selected Collaborations between Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Companies
o Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
 Connectivity
 Radical Product Innovations: Dashboard Modules, Usability, Tablets, E-Prescribe, Big Data
 Usability Is a Must
 Data Storage Concerns – Top Focus
 Tablet-Focus Essential for EMR Vendors
 CPOE and Other Features Sell EMR Systems
o Mobile Health (mHealth)
o Contributions of Health Insurance Companies
 Table Selected Insurance Industry Big Data Initiatives
o Selected Big Data Alliances and Organizations
 Table Selected Big Data Alliances and Organizations
• Selected Big Data Players
o AdvanceMD
o Allscripts Healthcare Solutions
 Company Overview
 Company Financials
o Amazon
 Company Overview
 Amazon's Possible Entrance into the Healthcare Industry
 Other Company News
o Apple Inc.
o athenahealth, Inc.
 Company Overview
 Company Financials
o BGI (formerly Beijing Genomics Institute)
 Prenatal Testing
 Liquid Biopsy
 With Complete Genomics
 BGI Projects
o Bina Technologies, Inc. (part of Roche Sequencing)
o Cerner Corporation
 Company Overview
 Molecular Test Data for Personalized Medicine
 Strategy for Growth
 Company Financials
o CLC bio (a QIAGEN Company)
o Definiens
o Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences
o eClinicalWorks
 Company Overview
 Company Financials
o Epic Systems Corporation
 Company Overview
 Company Financials
o GE Healthcare
 Company Overview
 Company Financials
o GenomOncology
o Google Genomics (Alphabet)
o Hewlett Packard
o IBM Healthcare
o Illumina, Inc.
 Acquisitions and Investments
o Intel Corporation
o InterSystems Corporation
o IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium – IICC
o Knome Inc.
 Collaborations
o Leica Biosystems (Danaher)
o Mayo Medical Laboratories
 Information Technology
o McKesson Corporation
 Company Overview
 Company Financials
o Medical Information Technology, Inc. (MEDITECH)
 Company Overview
 Company Financials
o Microsoft
 Overview
 Healthcare NExT
 Other Initiatives
o N-of-One
o Oracle Corporation
 Company Overview
 Healthcare Solutions
o Palantir
o Pathway Genomics Corporation
o PerkinElmer
o Quality Systems, Inc. (QSI)
 Company Overview
 Company Financials
o Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
 Products and Services
 Partnerships
o Roche Diagnostics
 The Connected Lab
 Big Data and Type 2 Diabetes
 Selected Agreements and Acquisitions
 Company Overview
 Company Financials
o Selventa, Inc.
 Company Overview
 Autoimmune IVD Products
o Sunquest Information Systems
o WuXi NextCODE Genomics

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