Blockchain Technology in Financial Services Market - Analysis and Forecast: 2017 to 2026 (Focus on Opportunity and Use Case Analysis)

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  • Sep 2017
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Blockchain as a technology is being gradually adopted across various facets of the financial services industry. Cost benefits, elimination of intermediaries and cost, transparency, removal of risk of unscrupulous activity, government initiatives, establishment of consortiums, and entry of leading financial institutions are some of the factors that have been driving the adoption of blockchain across the industry. The report is a compilation of various segments including industry analysis, market dynamics, and market breakdown by application type.
The report provides a comprehensive market analysis along with the recent trends influencing the markets. The report focuses on the various opportunities and use cases that financial institutions and blockchain technology providers could capitalize on and the cost benefits and value they could derive. While highlighting the key driving and restraining forces for the widespread adoption of the technology, the report also provides a detailed study of the future trends and developments of the market. It also examines the role of the leading market players involved in the industry.
More than 40 use cases of blockchain in financial services are being explored including optimizing KYC process, trade finance solutions, asset servicing, claim management in insurance, and post trade solutions in capital markets. Leading financial institutions and banks including Citibank, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Barclays among others have all the efforts and investments to drive the futuristic technology. The growing demand for the technology has led to the emergence of a multitude of start-ups in this space, offering enterprise solutions spanning across processes.
Some companies have invested heavily and are proactively pushing the exploration of the technology through either isolated internal experiments or in partnerships with technology providers or in groups relying on industry consortiums. However, despite the build-up regarding the transformative potential of blockchain, more than 40% financials remain skeptical about the practical implementation and viability of the technology and have adopted a ‘wait and see’ approach for the near future. As and when it happens, the uptake of the technology could save the BFSI industry up to $XXX billion per year by 2025 in infrastructure costs, IT costs, operations costs, support function costs and personnel costs. One of the biggest beneficiaries of the technology will be the trade finance segment which could yield up to $XX billion in savings by eliminating middlemen and automating process ranging from tracking products through the supply chain to exchange of documents and final payments releases.
The report addresses the following key questions about the global market:
• What are the key uses of blockchain technology that have been identified and what are the benefits associated with them?
• Which asset classes is blockchain technology likely to disrupt and how?
• Which segment of the financial services industry will benefit the most from a gradual movement to the technology?
• What phase of development are various use cases of blockchain currently in and by when are they expected to be implemented?
• Which segment will witness the earliest implementation and why?
• Which factors will be driving the adoption of the technology through the forecast period?
• What factors are expected to impede the adoption of the technology?
• Which consortiums are actively participating to endorse the use of blockchain technology?
• Which governments are exploring, supporting and promoting the use of blockchain technology and how?
• Who are the key technology providers in the market for different use cases and what are their business models?
• What is the most prominent strategy such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Partnerships, and Product Launch among financial institutions for leveraging the technology?

The company profiles section includes highlights of significant information about the key companies involved along with their corporate overview, financial summary, SWOT analysis, key strategies & developmental activities of recent years (2015-2017). Some of the key players are IBM, Microsoft, Digital Asset Holdings, Everledger, Clearmatics and Bitbond.
Executive Summary
1 Research Scope and Methodology
1.1 Scope of the Report
1.2 The Blockchain Technology Report Research Methodology
1.2.1 Primary Data Sources
1.2.2 Secondary Data Sources
2 Industry Analysis
2.1 Blockchain Structure
2.2 Blockchain Construct
2.2.1 Proof-of-Work (POW)
2.2.2 Proof-of-Stake (PoS)
2.3 Blockchain Ecosystem
2.4 Foundational Elements of Blockchain
2.5 Types of Blockchain
2.5.1 Public Blockchain
2.5.2 Private Blockchain
2.5.3 Permissioned Blockchain
2.6 Blockchain Consortiums
2.6.1 Bank-Chain
2.6.2 B3i
2.6.3 Blockchain and Virtual Currency Association of India
2.6.4 CULedger
2.6.5 DTC-Blockchain Consortium
2.6.6 Fundchain
2.6.7 Global Blockchain Business Council
2.6.8 Japanese Blockchain Consortium
2.6.9 JPX Blockchain Consortium
2.6.10 Nimbrix Blockchain Consortium
2.6.11 Post Trade Distributed Ledger Group (PTDL)
2.6.12 Revolution 4
2.6.13 R3
2.6.14 Russian Blockchain Consortium
2.6.15 Shenzhen Consortium
2.6.16 Swiss Blockchain Consortium
2.6.17 Wall Street Blockchain Alliance
3 Market Dynamics
3.1 Market Drivers
3.1.1 Elimination of Intermediaries and Cost Savings
3.1.2 Transparency and Removal of Risk of Unscrupulous Activity and Security from Cyber Attacks
3.1.3 Government Initiatives
3.1.4 Establishment of Consortiums
3.1.5 Entry of Leading Financial Institutions
3.2 Market Challenges
3.2.1 Non-Uniformity of Legal and Regulatory Framework
3.2.2 Trade Off between Cost and Security
3.2.3 Lack of Awareness of Blockchain Technology
3.2.4 Fragmented Networks
4 Competitive Insights
4.1 Key Strategies & Development
4.1.1 Mergers & Acquisitions
4.1.2 Product Development & Launch
4.1.3 Partnerships, Joint Ventures & Collaborations
4.1.4 Business Expansions
4.1.5 Lawsuits
4.1.6 Funding
4.1.7 Events
5 Blockchain Application in Financial Services
5.1 Onboarding process (KYC/AML):
5.2 Syndicated Loans
5.3 Insurance
5.4 Trade Finance
5.5 Capital Markets
5.6 Asset Management
5.7 Cross Border Payments
5.7.1 B2B Cross Border Payments
5.7.2 P2P Cross Border Payments
6 Company Profiles
6.1 Accenture PLC
6.1.1 Company Overview
6.1.2 Financials Overall Financials Net Revenue by Business Segment Net Revenue by Region Financial Summary
6.1.3 SWOT Analysis
6.2 Algorythmix
6.2.1 Company Overview
6.2.2 About the Company
6.3 AlphaPoint
6.3.1 Company Overview
6.3.2 About the Company
6.4 Alt-Options LLC
6.4.1 Company Overview
6.4.2 About the Company
6.5 Bank of America
6.5.1 Company Overview
6.5.2 Financials Overall Financials Net Revenue by Business Segment Net Revenue by Region Financial Summary
6.5.3 SWOT Analysis
6.6 Bsave
6.6.1 Company Overview
6.6.2 About the Company
6.7 Bitbond
6.7.1 Company Overview
6.7.2 About the Company
6.7.3 SWOT Analysis
6.8 Circle Internet Financial Inc.
6.8.1 Company Overview
6.8.2 About the Company
6.8.3 SWOT Analysis
6.9 Citigroup
6.9.1 Company Overview
6.9.2 Financials Overall Financials Net Revenue by Business Segment Financial Summary
6.9.3 SWOT Analysis
6.10 Clearmatics
6.10.1 Company Overview
6.10.2 About the Company
6.11 ConsenSys
6.11.1 Company Overview
6.11.2 About the Company
6.12 Coinbase
6.12.1 Company Overview
6.12.2 About the Company
6.13 Digital Currency Group
6.13.1 Company Overview
6.13.2 About the Company
6.14 Digital Asset Holdings, LLC
6.14.1 Company Overview
6.14.2 About the Company
6.15 Earthport
6.15.1 Company Overview
6.15.1 Financials Overall Financials Net Revenue by Business Segment Net Revenue by Region Financial Summary
6.15.2 SWOT Analysis
6.16 Everledger
6.16.1 Company Overview
6.16.2 About the Company
6.17 EquiChain
6.17.1 Company Overview
6.17.2 About the Company
6.18 IBM Corporation
6.18.1 Company Overview
6.18.2 Financials Overall Financials Net Revenue by Business Segment Net Revenue by Region Financial Summary
6.18.3 SWOT Analysis
6.19 Kraken Digital Asset Exchange
6.19.1 Company Overview
6.19.2 About the company
6.20 Microsoft Corporation
6.20.1 Company Overview
6.20.2 Financials Overall Financials Net Revenue by Business Segment Net Revenue by Region Financial Summary
6.20.3 SWOT Analysis
6.21 Ripple
6.21.1 Company Overview
6.21.2 About the Company
6.22 R3CEV
6.22.1 Company Overview
6.22.2 About the Company
6.23 Safello
6.23.1 Company Overview
6.23.2 About the Company
6.24 ShoCard
6.24.1 Company Overview
6.24.2 About the Company
6.24.3 SWOT Analysis
6.25 Tallysticks
6.25.1 Company Overview
6.25.2 About the Company
6.26 Infosys Limited
6.26.1 Company Overview
6.26.2 Financials Overall Financials Net Revenue by Business Segment Net Revenue by Region Financial Summary
6.26.3 SWOT Analysis

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