What is kminsights.com?

www.kminsights.com is the largest collection of market research. Industry-specific research specialists offer expert, unbiased insights on which reports will best meet your needs.

Why use kminsights.com?

www.kminsights.com has the largest collection of market research with more than 1,00,000 market research reports from leading global publishers. Our research specialists have in-depth knowledge of the publishers and the various types of reports in their respective industries. They save you time and money by personally assisting you in finding the right report.

How do I use kminsights.com?


You can begin with a keyword search using the Search field on the right of every page or browse research by markets or topics. When you find a report of interest, click on the title to view extensive product information, including a descriptive abstract and table of contents.

Our Site

How do I use the site?

Search or browse to find reports relevant to your business. Next, explore individual reports by reading their abstracts and tables of contents or searching inside the report to see how often and in what context your keywords appear. Finally, choose the Buy Now option that's best for you and place your order.

How does search work?

Search finds reports containing your keywords in the title, abstract, table of contents, or publisher name.

Our Reports

What types of research and reports do you have?

We offer syndicated market research reports, which feature quantitative and qualitative research on markets, industries, and companies. The formats and lengths of reports vary from 10-page company profiles to exhaustive 1,000-page industry overviews. The majority of our reports are stand-alone studies, which are available as PDF downloads or bound print copies. We also offer a number of periodical publications.

Who produces the reports?

The reports are produced by leading global publishers and research firms.

How are reports priced?

Report prices are set by the respective publisher. We periodically offer special promotions through various publishers. Speak to a research specialist to find the report which will best meet your needs and budget.